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Hey This is my little corner of all of this, my name is Elijah and i write music using a variety of mediums, but mostly on the computer. Ive always had an interest in making music but never really got into it until september 2003 when i bought my baby (laptop), :D and actually put some time into it. since then ive been working on music nonstop and when i broke my ankle in at the end of December same year i had nothing else to do so i just practiced methods and whatnot and i now am really just touching the top of the 'music' iceberg. anyways I'll put more on me here later but this is just something i typed up quickly because im not really sure how many people are actually going to read this ;)
So one day i was just thinking 'hmmm theres no real easy way for calgary artists to get in touch... well for a couple hours of work a day.. here it is... free... for all of you' hence the ghetto advertising/no advertising at all.


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- My Pureoriginal Music Page
- My Geocities Page

- Elijah - Dreaming
- Elijah - Lullabye
- Elijah - Atari 2004
- Elijah vs. Adapta - Lost in the Groove

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